Making Exercise a Habit

Make Exercise a Priority

Everyone knows that exercising has a direct impact on our health. For many people, exercise is easier said than done. It seems that for some people exercise is part of their daily routine, just like brushing their teeth. While for others it’s a struggle to find the time, energy or motivation to make it happen. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Make it a priority: Make a list of reasons you want to exercise for example: fitness, stress relief, weight management, increased energy. Once your priorities are in place, make exercise “non-negotiable”. Take a look at your calendar and schedule time for exercise just like you would schedule any other appointments.

Make it fun: Choose a variety of activities you will enjoy. If you can’t think of anything worse than going to a gym then explore activities that you can do outdoors or at home. To make exercise a habit you have to enjoy it

Find a buddy: A workout seems a lot less like work when you have a partner. Many of our social events revolve around meeting for food or drinks, why not spend your visit doing something that would also benefit your health? Also, when you are accountable to someone other than yourself, you’re less likely to skip out on exercise.

Log your activity: Write down everything that is important to you so that you are able to see your progress on the written page. It feels great when you see that your clothes fit better, or that you can lift heavier weights, or exercise longer without getting exhausted. This can greatly affect your motivation.

Start your day with it: Exercising first thing in the morning is a great way to ensure that nothing else comes in your way. Plus, you’ll get filled with energy for the rest of the day. Who knows, it might even replace your morning coffee

Set Goals: Whether you are interested in walking a certain distance, entering a race or wanting to do a headstand in yoga, working toward your goals will keep you motivated.

Exercise is not a magic bullet. Bodily changes occur over time and are never immediate so don’t get discouraged and throw in the towel. Stay focused on the health benefits you list and remember it takes about a month to form a new habit.