Holiday Eating Tips

Let’s face it, eating right is hard enough most days of the year. During the holidays, we gather together for meals, give gifts of food and celebrate with festive drinks and treats. This year, enjoy your holidays and avoid the seasonal weight gain with the following tips:

  • Don’t starve yourself all day to justify eating more at dinner. Going to a meal too hungry will promote overeating and that overstuffed feeling.
  • Control your portions. Studies have shown that the more food we’re served the more we will eat, even if we don’t particularly like it Take your favorites and keep your portions small.
  • Decorate your plate. Choose a colorful assortment of dishes with vegetables or fruit as their main ingredient. Avoid or limit foods that are fried or served with cream or cheese sauces. Fill the rest of your plate with lean meat, shrimp or other seafood choices.
  • Avoid mindless eating. Put your meals and snacks on a plate to keep track of how much you are eating. Position yourself away from the buffet table or appetizer table to prevent overeating.
  • Satisfy a craving with a few bites. A small piece of pecan pie or glass of eggnog can set you back more than 400 calories. Either enjoy a few bites or choose lower calorie alternatives pumpkin pie or apple cider.
  • Liquid calories count Alcohol, soda, creamy coffee drinks and hot chocolate are loaded with extra calories that can add up quickly. Alternate with sparkling water with lemon or lime for a low calorie option.

It can be a challenging time of year but healthy eating is possible. Don’t throw in the towel and expect to lose the holiday weight as your New Year’s resolution.

Commit to a healthy plan that includes smart food choices and plenty of exercise