Don’t eat less.
Eat right.
Your fork is the most powerful tool
you have to change your health.
Vicki Robichaux

“If you do what you
have always done,
you will get what
you have always got.”
- Mark Twain


At My Core Nutrition, my goal is to optimize your health, provide you with more energy and allow any necessary weight loss to happen naturally without feelings of deprivation. You won’t be required to count calories, exercise all day long or eat nothing but twigs and tofu. Your custom food plan will focus on a large variety of whole natural foods that you CAN eat and less attention on foods you can’t eat. My philosophy is a whole body approach so your sessions will also consist of lifestyle recommendations including: activity, stress reduction, sleep, supplementation, daily routines, meal planning and hydration.

I believe in getting back to basics and using food as medicine. So much of the grocery store is filled with highly processed foods manufactured for convenience not health.  I will help you to make the switch over to healthful food that is right for you, easy to prepare and definitely tasty.

My clients always tell me, “I know what I need to do, I just don’t do it,” or “I don’t want to give up the good stuff.” If this sounds familiar, don’t worry; I will provide the road map and we can set off on this journey of health together. With my variety of services, I can provide you with the proper tools you need to be successful. Whether you need cooking instruction, pantry interventions, help with meal planning or grocery store tours I will be there to support you every step of the way.

The hour I spent in the grocery store with Vicki was the best hour I have ever spent on my health.
Mary S.
Vicki gave my son a plan that included foods he loved so it made it easy for him. Vicki NAILED IT!
Maria R.
Eating a diet with the good fats tastes great and I don't feel like I'm being restricted.
Rachel P.